Oncoprescribe Blog Anticancer therapy with bisphosphonates

Parenteral therapy with bisphosphonates in patients with skeletal metastases has significantly decreased the risk of skeletal related events and need for radiation therapy. Evolving data suggests that bisphosphonates in general and one of the more commonly used bisphosphonates Zoledronic acid (Zometa) has been shown to induce apoptosis, inhibit angiogensis, inhibit tumor metastases and exhibit synergy with certain anticancer agents in early stage Breast Cancer.

In the Z-FAST and ZO-FAST trials, Zoledronic acid improved disease free survival in hormone receptor positive early stage breast cancer. This intriguing data regarding the benefits of bisphosphonates in early stage breast cancer is likely to move this class of agents into the adjuvant setting, to become a part of adjuvant therapy.