Privacy and Security Policy

At OncoPrescribe, we have designed the software to provide information as securely as possible.

General Security & Privacy Measures

In addition to our general philosophy on privacy and security, we also utilize a number of “best practices” for maintaining secure and private data:

  • We use SSL security to protect all data transmitted over the internet
  • Your login will time out if you haven’t used it for a specific period
  • Your web browser should not maintain any data from a previous session (ensure that all entered items are cleared)

Security of Historical Data

Information that we collect and store:

  • Your login and password information – to maintain your rights to use OncoPrescribe, as well as security
  • We keep GENERAL statistics about page views

Users Outside of the United States

OncoPrescribe website is operated in the United States. By using our website or providing us with your Personal Information, you are transferring your information to us in the United States where we collect, store and process that information. We may process your information and transfer it to other countries where our staff or third-party service providers are located. By using this Site and Services, and/or submitting your Personal Information, you agree to this collecting, processing, and storing of your data to and in the United States.