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Privacy Policy.
Keeping you and your patients safe

At OncoPrescribe, we recognize that you are going to be entering extremely sensitive patient and prescription data into the system and we have designed the software to provide that information as securely as possible.

We do NOT store Prescription or Patient Information

We made a decision early on that no Patient or Prescription data would ever be stored by OncoPrescribe. The only appropriate place to maintain patient information is in your practice's files (either hard copies or electronic) – or on the patient's own, personal Electronic Health Record account – such as Microsoft Health Vault™.

Consider some historical perspective: In the early days of E-Commerce on the internet, many users worried about entering a credit card number on the internet. Yet time has shown that Internet Transactions are BY FAR the most secure way of using a credit card for a purchase. Virtually all credit card transactions – once they are processed – immediately delete the card information from the E-Commerce site, unless you specifically ask to save the data.

At OncoPrescribe, we go a step further – all prescription information is immediately deleted from memory once you print and go to the next prescription OR as soon as you log out. We will warn you if you are in the middle of a prescription and about the delete the data, but once it's gone, it's gone – unless you specifically request (via our optional service) to export the data to your practice's EMR/Back Office system.

General Security & Privacy Measures

In addition to our general philosophy on privacy and security (we don't store anything about Patients on our system) we also utilize a number of "best practices" for maintaining secure and private data:

• We use SSL security to protect all data transmitted over the internet

• Your login will time out if you haven't used it for a specific period

• Your web browser will not maintain any data from a previous session (all entered items will be cleared)

Security of exported Prescription Data

With this optional capability, you may choose to export your prescription data to your practice Electronic Medical Records system and/or your practice's back office and billing systems. This is a secure export, conducted via a proven method to protect sensitive data. Again, OncoPrescribe NEVER stores any prescription data on our servers. Once you export back to your system, the information is no longer available at OncoPrescribe.

Security of imported Historical Data

If you choose the option to integrate OncoPrescribe to your EMR/Back Office, you will also be able to IMPORT a previous prescription back to OncoPrescribe, to prescribe a new cycle of treatment, although OncoPrescribe will not be storing the data. If you prescribe a new cycle of treatment or new delivery phase for an existing regimen, that data will not be saved after printing, unless you EXPORT the data back to your systems.

Information that we collect and store

• Your login and password information - to maintain your rights to use OncoPrescribe, as well as security

• We keep GENERAL statistics about the number of prescriptions written, by diagnosis and by regimen, however:

• There is NOT any record kept of the prescriptions written by a specific practice, or a specific physician, so:

• Your individual history of writing prescriptions is not known or stored by OncoPrescribe


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