PARAPLATIN® and VEPESID® with IMFINZI® - for Small Cell Lung Cancer
PARAPLATIN® (Carboplatin) and VEPESID® (Etoposide) along with IMFINZI® (Durvalumab) for Extensive Stage Small Cell Lung Cancer
Administer IMFINZI® prior to chemotherapy when administered on the same day. Monitor patients for Infusion-Related Reactions and Immune-Mediated adverse events. IMFINZI® continued as maintenance treatment every 4 weeks until disease progression or unacceptable toxicities.
Drug Mode Given Standard Dose Days to Be Given Frequency Solution Volume Duration
PARAPLATIN® (Carboplatin) IV AUC 5  D1 q21 NSS 250 cc 60 minutes
VEPESID® (Etoposide) IV 100 mg/m2 D1, D2, D3 q21 NSS 500 cc 90 minutes
IMFINZI® (Durvalumab) IV 1500 mg D1 q21 NSS 250 cc 60 minutes